Peter A. Kasperski has been a cartoonist and graphic artist for over forty years starting as a small child drawing reindeers with oversized feet. He soon moved on to other animals and people (with over sized feet). Two years of college led to unemployment in his chosen field. Later he found himself working in local Community Access Television.  As a Cable TV Program Manager he won two Best Programming Awards for “The Metro Zoo Crew” (Educational) and “The Night is my Enemy” (Entertainment). As a graphic designer for the Ad Channel he was runner up nationally for work done for McDonald’s Restaurants.
His cartoons have appeared in local, regional and nationally as well as being featured as part of the campaign that raised $1,000,000.00 for the Ajax-Pickering United Way.
His Kasey and Company cartoons have been marketed as Fridge Art Magnets and were sold in gift and dollar stores until the Great Dollar Store War of 1999.
After the invention of the the internet he began to design websites and do freelance work for various companies. Since working freelance means your unemployed he took a job with Media Vision doing design work such as advertising layouts, logos, product concepts, brochures, signs and large format printing projects including 10 x 20 foot murals that are printed in fluorescent ink to theme laser tag arenas and party centers worldwide.

A single father of two, Peter lives in Port Perry where he raised his children Kelsey and Corey, both artists. Kesley has a growing reputation as a talented Tattoo artist working in Toronto and Corey has graduated from Seneca College’s Animation Program specializing in Gaming Design and 3D Modeling and works for a Gaming Studio in Montreal.